Dan's offers the latest edge treatments and styles

We offer square edge, the typical counter tops that most of us grew up with.
We also have wood edge, which Dan took to a new level in the mid 80’s by applying the wood to the top, then laminating over it, then routing a profile onto it. By doing this, he eliminated the seam between the wood and the laminate which was a known failer especially in 
front of the sink area.

Laminate bevel edge was also introduce in the 80’s. It is a a 45 degree cut on the top front edge of the counter. Many homeowners and real estate agents say it is very attractive, and eliminates the noticable black line of the laminate.
Bevel edge is one of the most popular edge treatments today.

Then came Gem-loc produce by the Loti corperation. When Dan saw this, he simply had to have it and he's been doing it ever since 1995, with great success! The counter top is a Gem-loc 3/8" solid surface radius on the top and bottom of the front edge with laminate in the middle.

Dan's also stocks pre made post form counter tops made by Hartson and Kennedy. We also have 18 colors in the E2000 profile in 25 
¼ kitchen, 22 ¼ vanity, 26.5 bar top, and 36 bar top. Hartson and Kennedy offer 8 other profiles of post form counter top and most 
can be delivered in 3 to 4 weeks, if not sooner.

At around the same time as Gem-loc, Dan’s started playing with under mounting sink in laminate tops. Starting with a product 
called counter seal from Canada, Dan's has been using this product ever since. For the last 3 years, Dan’s has been developing a technique for under mounting solid surface and man-made granite sinks in laminate tops. Everyone says this technique cannot be done, however, it can! And Dan's has mastered it. We can mount Gibraltar, swan stone, swan stone granite, sil granite, as well as just about any other solid surface sink on the market.

Our Manufacturing Facility in Newington CT

In 1985, Dan Luisi founded Dan’s Custom Counter LLC in Newington, Ct.  Since 1985 Dan has been manufacturing both laminate and solid surface counter.  Dan discontinued supplying solid surface in 1997 to focus solely on laminate counters to meet the demands of the customer needs.  Quality products, excellent service and a solid reputation have allowed Dan’s Custom Counter’s to be one of the largest laminate countertop manufacturer’s in the state of Connecticut.  Working out of a 10,000 square ft. building located on 156B Pane Rd. in Newington, Dan's provide a wide selection of laminate counter tops.

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